Sport Training

At Peak Athletic Performance, our goal is to personalize a training program for your athlete to help them reach the top. Our sport specific training will vary depending on what your athlete’s sport requires most. Some things we care about most is improving speed, increasing agility, and injury prevention.

Our sport-specific training will help any athlete reach the top of their sport. Our Football Training will focus on the speed and power necessary to score the game-winning touchdown. Basketball Training focuses on improving lateral movement and explosion. Baseball/Softball Training will develop the reaction time and arm strength that will help them hit more home runs. Volleyball Training will help improve on-court agility and vertical jumping. Soccer Training focuses in improving footwork and kick strength so that your athlete can make more game-changing plays. Tennis Training focuses on first-step quickness and physical strength to prepare your athlete for match points. Lacrosse Training will help improve your athlete’s speed and agility. Fencing Training focuses on hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

In the link is a document giving more information about injury prevention. Sports Injury Prevention Boys & Girls